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  • You can book a Live Event at set location
  • Fill out form.
  • Check Our Dress Your Live Stream
  • When the show is booked, Events page will be created according to your information provided.
  • You can create your own events image, please download the blank template. Or choose from our selection of templates. You can also dress them up with text using an image program.
  • Submit the form (at the end of the document) and all the files to info@evttv.com
  • Events page will have RizeEverett Banner Advertising,
  • Events page also will have a RizeEverett Commercial playing.
  • Banner advertising option on RizeEverett and on the Events page are available, contact Rize Everett
  • Other advertising options available, contact Rize Everett

Download our document Here! (doc)

Download the Blank Template or chose one of Our Templates
Click on picture to download (jpg)


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